Get Artisan Workshop

We will be piloting the new Get Artisan workshop at a gallery location in Bath, between 10 and 5 on 2nd August 2012. We want to invite 8 people to join this pilot program free of charge.

What is the goal for Get Artisan?
We all know people who do work that feeds them with an income and yet leaves them unfulfilled and hungry; people who feel trapped in a role that has drifted from what they set out to do; people who believe they have no choice but to show up, do a shift and feed the machine.

Get Artisan rails against that.

You have choices.

You can love your work AND feed your family.

Get Artisan reveals how to do this and challenges you to take those choices that are available to you and see them through to an Artisan life and work that fulfils as well as sustains.

Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to reconnect what they do with who they are, or find ways to earn a living without selling their souls.

What difference will Get Artisan make?
The new Get Artisan workshop will inspire you to identify and take the practical steps you need to move towards work that both fulfils and sustains.

You will come away with the tools and focus to make changes in your life AND develop a network of like minded entrepreneurs and professionals who are pursuing a similar way of living and working.

How will we do it?
By re-engaging with artisan ideas and relating them not only to the production of goods but also by applying them to the design and delivery of professional services.

By setting ourselves challenges and accountable milestones against which you can measure progress and the change that you wish to see.

What do I need to do?
Contact Neil[dot]denny[at]allLD[dot]com to deserve your limited free space.

Join us in Bath, 2nd August for Get Artisan.

Stop doing a shift.
Start doing work that lives.

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